I hope this happens and I hope there is no coup this time or it is thwarted…


My conservative teacher asked to borrow Blackshirts and Reds after saying it looks interesting. 😳

This could either go really good or really bad. Maybe I shouldn’t take commie books to school…


Help seeding some audiobook torrents?

Hey comrades, a bunch of really good audiobooks, including Capital Volume 2 + 3 just got uploaded to the linked channel. …


/r/GenZedong, but on Lemmygrad!

This is a Dengist subreddit in favor of Bashar Al Assad with no information that can lead to the arrest of Hilary Clinton, our fellow liberal and queen. This subreddit is not ironic. We are Marxist-Leninists.


No Ableism, racism, misogyny etc.

No being pro Amerikkka

No being an electorialist or a lib(of course)

Moderator discretion

This community is explicitly pro AES

No dogmatism/idealism(Permanent Revolution type stuff, anarchism, etc.)

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